Hey, i'm nick.

I discovered photography around 15 years ago in the dark room of my high school as I plunged paper into a tray of chemicals and out of them an image was born. I was hooked. I took time to learn and train to apply that same feeling for the images I create for the people who ask me to come to their most important experiences and to document them.

In the twelve years I've been doing photography professionally I've been invited into sacred spaces to create a photographic record of them. The people who were there. The significance of life shared. The meaning of what it is to be together.

And I'm not quitting anytime soon.

My family gives me the greatest perspective and is the most important story I tell.

My wife, Megan, and I met in high school and got married in 2009 when I went full time with photography. We have three incredible kids; Rosabella, Luca and Mílo and that is a primary source of inspiration and focus for me as a photographer. As I document them, it informs me of the ways that it's meaningful to have photographs of time in life as things change.